About Copa


The league will take place from September up until May. There will be 24 teams split into 2 different leagues, Each team will play 22 games during the regular season. From the 12 teams in each league, the first 4 will advance to the playoff round and will be seeded in their opposite leagues.
For more information regarding the rules of Copa and the tournament, head to Rules & Regulations.

About Us

CopaLimassol is the biggest 5-a-side football championship ever organised in the island. Nothing similar to this ever happened before. 24 teams, 260 games, 1 city.
For years on the island of Cyprus, 5 a side football games have been the biggest sport. On average 40 mini football matches are played everyday in Limassol. We created CopaLimassol with all these players in mind, a football league designed for enthusiasts and corporate companies. A fun and very carefully organised league that promotes football and healthy competition.

Our Mission

We’ve come to take 5-a-side football to a another level. We seek to make every participant feel like a professional. We will give our best to create the most outstanding atmosphere through the greatest facilities, organised matches, schedules, professional standards and a unique structure for the only 5-a-side football championship in Cyprus that lasts for a whole year. Join us for the first year of CopaLimassol. Create your team and compete against other teams from Limassol.Fight for the title of the best minifootball team on the island!